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(Wednesday, June 9 -8:00-8:30 a.m.}

Jim Jones:

At this time, I'd like to call the 1993 NACDA Business Session in session. First order of business is to thank Kathy Noble and Jim Harvey for an outstanding job, one more time, as the co-moderators of our round table discussions. Those things seem to be getting more and more popular.

The Secretary's Report will be given by Betty Kruczek.

Betty Kruczek:

As you will be receiving a more detailed report via the Proceedings of this Convention, this morning I'll share just a few of our highlights for 1992-93. For the third year, prior to our annual Convention, the NACDA Foundation sponsored a NACDA Workshop for Athletic Fund Raisers attended by more than 150 of the nation's fund raisers and development offices. The Workshop was coordinated by Pat Ogle of Fresno State University and Gene DeFilippo of the University of Kentucky. At the same time, the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators sponsored their inaugural marketing workshop with over 100 in attendance.

Additionally, NACDA provided affiliated groups with the opportunity to hold meetings prior to our Convention. Taking advantage of this were the Division I-A Athletic Directors Association, the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Committee, the National Association of Two- Year Collegiate Administrators, the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, the University Athletic Association, the Northeast Conference Athletic Directors, the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators, the Division II Commissioners Association, the Division III Commissioners Association and the NAIA, which held it's meetings and annual workshop.

The 27th Convention attracted over 1,000 athletic administrators at Marco Island. Vice Admiral William Lawrence, president of the Association of Naval Associate, Inc. delivered the Keynote Address. Jack Lindquist, president of Disneyland, was the featured speaker at the NACDA Disney Scholarship Luncheon. At the annual Corbett Award Luncheon, Homer Rice of Georgia Tech, was honored as the 26th recipient. George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, was featured speaker. Honored as the 11th NACDA/NIT Athletic Directors Award was C.M. Newton, athletic director at the University of Kentucky.

Prior to departure, NACDA held its 25th Management Institute under the leadership of Vin Cullen, athletic director at the Community College of Rhode Island. On July 1st, 1992, Bob Vecchione, former assistant athletic director at the University of Minnesota and executive director of the 1992 Final Four, joined NACDA's staff as the assistant executive director/marketing and communications.

On August 29th, NACDA celebrated its lOth anniversary of the Kickoff Classic which saw North Carolina State beat the University of Iowa, 24 to 14, in front of a crowd of 46,251. The third annual Disneyland Pigskin Classic marked the return of Coach Bill Walsh to Stanford football. However, Texas A&M defeated the Cardinals, 10 to 7 before a crowd of 36,240. For the ninth consecutive year, the NACDA Foundation assisted the NAIA at its annual convention, sponsoring a seminar which was attended by over 400 athletic administrators. The theme for the presentation dealt with the media.

Once again, NACDA assisted the Division I-A Athletic Directors Association in Tucson, Arizona in September. The 27th annual Facilities and Fund Raising Clinic was held October 19-20 at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas and was hosted by the University of Nevada-Las Vegas for the second consecutive year. The event drew over 125 NACDA members and exhibitors who heard five outstanding presentations on facilities and four excellent presentations on athletic fund raising.

In November, Laurie Garrison, former sports information director at Kenyon College, joined the staff as director of public relations, filling the opening left by Rick Minch. Additionally, Matt Wolfert was promote to the assistant executive director/administration.

In December, NACDA kicked off the celebration of its 1OOth anniversary of the first athletic director, Herbert H. White, who was appointed graduate manager at Harvard University in 1893. The association is running a four-part series in Athletics Administration which will culminate with a commemorative Centenni Publication published in the fall of 1993.

The new feature started in February with "NACMA Comer." It features news from the NACMA meml on promotional ideas at various institutions and will appear in each issue of Athletics Administration. The second annual Division I Athletic Directors Forum was held in conjunction with the Final Four in New Orleans. The Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza was the site of the event which drew 100 athletic directors with a theme for the conclave being "The Athletic Directors Personal Inventory ,"

The Kickoff Classic received a boost when, in February the Association signed a seven-year contract extension with the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority to hold a Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands through the year 2000. Our Disney Pigskin Classic contract is in effect for two more years. Negotiations ar under way for another multi-year contract.

By the year's end, NACDA's membership grew to 1,553 institutions and 4,010 individuals. Marco in 1994.

Jim Jones:

Thank you Betty .Our Necrology Report from John Swofford.

John Swofford:

Thank you, Jim. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you rise in honor of the following colleagues who ha, departed from our membership during the past years. Robert Brown, West Virginia University; Willis Case) North Carolina State University; Edward A. Coray, Wheaton College; Harry Fouke, the University of Houst( Herbert Wendall Gallagher, Northeastern University; Paul Hanson, Oklahoma City University; Tony Hinkle, Butler University; Robert J. Kane, Cornell University; J.T. King, Texas Tech; Edward "Moose" Krause, the University of Notre Dame; Ray Oosting, Trinity College; Stan Sheriff, the University of Hawaii; C.M. Smitl the University of Mississippi, and Jim Valvano, North Carolina State University. May we offer a moment o silence for these members. Thank you.

Bill Bane:

Mr. President, as chainnan of the Nominating Committee, I submit the following report and recommendations: as president, John Swofford, North Carolina; first vice president, Cedric Dempsey, University of Arizona; second vice-president, Gene Smith, currently Eastern Michigan soon to be Iowa S third vice-president, Warner Alford, University of Mississippi; secretary, Betty Kruczek, Fitchburg State.

The Executive Committee representatives: from the university district 3, Vince Dooley, University of Georgia; university district 6, DeLoss Dodds, University of Texas; college district 3, Phil Roach, Rollins College; college district 5, David Johnson, Iowa Wesleyan; college district 7, Jack McDonald, University of Denver; junior/ community college area 2, Steve Murray, Elgin Community College; at-large, Roy Kramer, Southeastern Conference.

Jim Jones:

It's been moved. Is there a second? Are there any nominations from the floor? All those in favor, by saying, aye.

Opposed? Congratulations.

Now, the time has arrived for the gifts. If Matt can help me, some of you are going to be lucky and others are going to be unhappy. (All of the door prizes were announced.) Now, for the grand prize, a trip for four to Euro Disney in Paris, includes round trip air fare to Paris, six nights hotel lodging and tickets to Euro Disney. The winner is Pat Ogle, from the Bulldog Foundation and president ofNAADD, the newest organization to affiliate with NACDA.

As the last order of business, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to serve. I've enjoyed the opportunity and it's my pleasure to turn the gavel over now to John Swofford. Good luck.

John Swofford:

Jim has created some very big shoes to fill and I'd like to ask you to join me showing your appreciation for the outstanding leadership that he has given us for the past year. Jim, thank you. I'd like to remind the Executive Committee that at 12 noon, there is a meeting in the Manchester Room. Our programs will continue this morning.

I want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me. It means a great deal to me because this organization has meant a lot to me and the people who are in it are special to me. We're all part of a great profession. It's special to be celebrating the IOOth year of our profession. It is a time when there are plenty of challenges and plenty of difficulties. What we've heard here the last several days through our programs, through the outstanding people who have spoken to us at the luncheons and the outstanding people who we have honored at those luncheons, will let us leave here inspired to meet those challenges.

The Business Session of this Convention is now adjourned and the program session will begin momentarily. Thank you.