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(Tuesday, JuDe 9, 10:30 .11:00 a.m.)


As my detailed report will be found in the Proceedings of this Convention, I shall just briefly outline the highlights of the 1991-92 NACDA Report.

Early in June 1991, prior to the NACDA Convention, more than 400 athletic trainers attended the fourth annual NACDA Foundation-sponsored Trainers' Workshop entitled "Personal Productive Principles", which focused on time management. For the second year in a row, as a prelude to the annual Convention, the NACDA Foundation sponsored the NACDA Workshop for Athletic Fund Raisers, attended by more than 160 of these collegiate fund raisers at the San Diego Marriott Topics included were annual campaigns, capital campaigns, phone fund raising and breakout sessions for all three divisions. The workshops were a huge success due to the efforts of the co-chairs from the University of Kentucky and Fresno State. The 1991 Convention, as usual, was a tremendous success and attracted over 850 athletic administrators at the Marriott Hotel and Marina in San Diego. Lewis Harris delivered the Keynote Address and was followed by a session on "Lights and Shadows", Breakout sessions followed on "Image on Enhancement For College Athletics", "Slicing That Billion-Dollar Pie" and was followed by "Women's Athletics -- The Number One Problem". The awards luncheon featured 10 outstanding student-athletes who were selected to the second class to be the NACDNDisney Award winners. The NACDA Foundation, the Kickoff Classic, the Disneyland Pigskin Classic Post-Graduate Scholarship Award came to life in 1991 with the awarding of $5,000 scholarships to one player from each of the participating schools --Colorado, USC, University of Tennessee and Syracuse University, NACDA president, Frank Windegger was the luncheon master of ceremonies, while one of the nation's all-time great basketball players and student-athlete, Bill Walton, served as the featured speaker.

The next day, the membership began the ever-popular Breakfast Round Tables. Following the second Round Tables session, the annual Business Session was the site where Bill Byrne, from the University of Oregon, was elected NACDA president for 1991-92. Other officers elected were Jim Jones, Ist vice president from Ohio State; John Swofford, 2nd vice president from the University of North Carolina; and Cedric Dempsey from the University of Arizona was elected 3rd vice president. In addition, the membership elected 11 new Executive Committee members.

The James J. Corbett Award crowned Joe Kearney from the Western Athletic Conference as the 1991 Corbett Award winner. The NBC announcer, Gary Bender, was on hand to be the Luncheon guest speaker. Bill Flynn, former director of athletics at Boston College, received the Dodge NIT/NACDA Athletic Director's Award, and the Hall of Fame welcomed five new members --Dee Andros, John Bridgers, Rex Brumley, Linda Dempsay and Milton Hunter.

NACDA Past President and former athletic director at San Jose State, Bob Bronzan, became only the second person in NACDA's history to be awarded the NACDA Merit of Honor Award

The final three Round Tables were held before the Convention was adjourned. Before leaving San Diego, NACDA held it's 24th Management Institute under the capable leadership of Vin Cullen. The Kickoff Classic was held on August 28 in front of a sell-out crowd of 77,409 people, the largest college football crowd ever at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, with Penn State whipping defending champion, Georgia Tech. The Disneyland Pigskin Classic was held on the 29th of August in front of 38,363 fans at Anaheim Stadium where Florida State convincingly beat Brigham Young.

When the weather turned crisp at the NACDA office, based in Cleveland, Ohio, the staff bid farewell to three summer interns and welcomed three new interns for the fall semester. NACDA again assisted the Division I-A Athletic Directors Association with it's annual fall meeting in Tucson, Arizona and was staged under the capable leadership of Jack Lengyel from the U.S. Naval Academy.

The NACDA Foundation, as usual, had a very busy fall. The Athletic Insurance Seminar was presented to NAJA. Kathy and Carol from the NACDA Insurance Administration Office made the presentation which was NACDA's eighth in association with the Foundation's sponsorship.

Over 150 NACDA members, architec~ and exhibitors attended the fIrst Fall Facilities & Fund Raising Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Clinic featured 12 informative presentations in two very busy days. A special thanks to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for serving as such a congenial host.

In December, the receipts were tallied from the Disneyland Pigskin Classic and the Kickoff Classic with the following disbursements: $845,887 both to Georgia Tech and Peon State; Brigham Young and Florida State received $624,059; plus the other people that these games fund such as, the National Football Foundation, the American Football Coaches Association, the New Jersey Sports Authority, the Orange County Sports Association, the Division I- A Athletic Directors Association, plus NACDA. In all, from the Kickoff Classic, receipts totaled $3,233,547 and the Pigskin Classic gave $2,346,236.

Early in January, it was time for the Association to prepare for it's annual meeting in Marco Island.

Convention planning was the main agenda on the minds of the Executive Committee and the Finance-Management Committee members. Spring brought what we think will be a fine meeting for the future. NACDA sponsored the fIrst Division I Athletic Directors Forum in Minneapolis during the Final Four. This successful meeting attracted over 125 athletic directors from three sections of Division I.

When the calendar turned, we were very fortunate to have another intern join the very busy NACDA office.

Spring also brought about another staff change in the NACDA office. With the growth of NACDA, so must th( staff grow. It was announced that on July 1, 1992, Bob Vecchione, former assistant athletic director at the University of Minnesota, executive director of the 1992 Final Four , wi11 be joining the staff as an assistant executive director/events and marketing.

By the end of 1991-92 school year, the Association continued to grow steadily. Individual membership J 3,400 members and institutional membership was at 1,529. The membership has grown 34 percent in individual membership and 22 percent in institutional membership since 1985. We hope it continues. Thank you.


Thank you, Betty .Next, with our Necrology Report, Jim Jones.


Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, the following members have passed since last we met: Bill Bemlohr, Capital University; Col. John Clune, U.S. Air Force Academy; Joel Eaves, University of Georgia; Thomas J. Frericks, University of Dayton; Kenneth Gardner, Northeast Missouri State University; J. B. Higgins, Lamar University; Walter Kichefski, University of Miami/Florida; Herman Kluge, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee; John Krause, Valparaiso University; David M. Nelson, University of Delaware; Eugene Oberst, John Carroll University; Doyt L. Perry, Bowliol Green State University; Emil G. Reitz, Loyola College; Marshall W. Ryman, University of Minnesota; and Burt Smith Michigan State University. Please join me in a moment of silence for our departed members. Thank you.


Thank you, Jim. Our Nominating Committee Report, Frank Windegger.


The Nominating Committee submits for your approval, the following slate for Officers and Executive Committe members: For President, Jim Jones, Ohio State; First Vice President, John Swofford, University of North Carolina; Second Vice President, Cedric Dempsey, University of Arizona; Third Vice President, Gene Smith, Eastern Michigan University; University Division District I, Bill Cleary, Harvard University; University Division District 4, Bill Bradshaw, DePaul University; University Division, District 5, Jim Garner, Oklahoma State; College Division, Districl 4, Tony DeCarlo, John Carroll University; College Division, District 8, Ron Petro, University of Alaska; At-Large, District 4, Elaine Dreidame, University of Dayton; At-Large, Unrestricted, Steve Morgan, NCAA. Mr. President, that's your slate.


Do I hear a motion to accept the Nominating Report? Congratulations.

I have an important announcement to make. There ' s going to be a minor change on what I talked about yesterday on the grand prize drawing for Barcelona. What they're going to announce and what they're going to dra\1 today is which booth it's going to be drawn from. Tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Round Tables Session, we will announce the winner. So, you've got until the start of the luncheon today at 1 p.m. to get your cards into all of the booths. Our next session begins at 11:15 a.m., so go around to see the exhibitors. Thank you. We are adjourned.