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(Wednesday, June 12,10:30 -11:00 a.m.)


You will be getting the complete 1991 Secretary's Report in the Proceedings, however, I wish to share with you a few of the highlights for NACDA for 1990-91. As a prelude ro last year's Silver Anniversary Convention, the association staged its fIrst ever NACDA Workshop for Athletic Fund Raisers. More than 180 of the nation's collegiate fund raisers gathered at Marco Island. The Convention itself proved to be historic in more ways than one. The membership helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary when a record 1,121 delegates flooded Marco Island. Al Neuharth, founder and publisher of USA Today, delivered the Keynote Address and the Awards Luncheon featured a new flavor of its own when 10 outstanding student-athletes were the fIrst to receive the NACDA/Disney Scholar- Athlete Awards. Former all-America Don Anderson was the luncheon's master of ceremonies, while renowned media personality Larry King served as featured speaker. The James J. Corbett Award crowned George King of Purdue University as the 1990 winner. And former Boilermaker Bob Griese was on hand to be the luncheon's guest speaker. Former NIT executive director Pete Carlesimo received the Dodge NIT-NACDA Award. The association welcomed six colleagues into our Hall of Fame.

After the ever popular Breakfast Roundtables, the annual Business Session was where Frank Windegger was elected your 1991 NACDA President. Before leaving Marco Island, NACDA held it's 23rd Management Institute under the capable leadership of continuing education director Rex Brumley, AD at Broward Community College. The 1990 Institute was attended by 131 members who learned the updated information on key areas in athletic administration. Because Rex announced his retirement in January, 1991, he would soon become chair emeritus of the Institute. He has been one of our outstanding leaders, helper and friend of NACDA for many years.

On the heels of the Convention and Management Institute, the association continued its flagship efforts in the drug education area staging the NACDA-NATA Alcohol and Drug Abuse Workshop in Indianapolis. Close to 400 of your trainers flocked to this seminar. When spring settled into summer, NACDA welcomed five new interns into its fold. They focus their efforts on our upcoming Kickoff Classic and the fIrst ever Disneyland Pigskin Classic. The Disneyland Pigskin Classic was held in front of 33,458 fans at Anaheim Stadium, where the University of Colorado and the University of Tennessee battled to a 31-31 tie. The Kickoff Classic, held each year at the New Jersey Meadowlands, saw Southern California handle Syracuse 34-16 before a crowd of 57,293.

For the seventh straight year, NACDA joined with the NAJA to host a workshop with the nation's college division administrators in the most crucial area of substance abuse. NACDA again assisted the Division I-A Directors Association with its annual fall meeting, where student-athletes from Georgia and Boston College took honors for the coveted 1990 Delta Scholarship Award, along with a special Award of Courage from Division I-A to a Wake Forest student-athlete. The prestigious Division I-A Directors Award went to Boston College's Bill Flynn, who has been a great ally to NACDA and intercollegiate athletics for a long time.

The fall season is traditionally the busiest time of year for NACDA and 1990 was certainly no exception. A special NACDA Insurance Clinic was held in Seattle under the guidance of the NACDA Insurance Administration Office. Perhaps the most popular Foundation function each year is the fall series of educational workshops. The theme for 1990 was time management. The Foundation employed the services of the Franklin Learning Institute to conduct three regional Time Management Seminars in Boston, Atlanta and Phoenix.

In December, the receipts were tallied for the Disneyland Pigskin Classic and the Kickoff Classic, and all our entities received from the Pigskin Classic, two-million two hundred thirty one thousand dollars and from the Kickoff Classic, two-million six hundred and sixteen. The money was divided between the University of Colorado, the University of Tennessee, the American Football Coaches Association, NACDA, Division I-A Directors Association, the NACDA Foundation, the Orange County Sports Association, American Football Coaches Association and the New Jersey Sports Authority.

1990 was, indeed, a historical year for NACDA. To celebrate its illustrious history, the Association published a beautiful Commemorative Anniversary magazine which highlighted NACDA's existence through the years. When the calendar turned in 1991, the Executive Committee met at their; Winter Meeting to plan this Convention. A Facilities & Fund Raising Clinic was held in Indianapolis in April where the many administrators who attended learned the intricacies of athletic building and the funds to construct them.

Spring brought a change to the NACDA office. Tim Gleason, who has been the Assistant Executive Director since 1983, accepted the commissioner's post of the Ohio Athletic Conference. In May, NACDA staged two more regional Insurance Clinics, one in Indianapolis and one in Houston. The athletic insurance business, like all of our business, seems to be getting more and more complex. By the end of the 1990-91 academic year, NACDA membership continued to soar. The milestone of 1,500 institutional members was crossed, while individual membership has now reached a record of 3,212. Thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen, the following people have departed from our membership during the last year: Art Acker, California State At Chico Everett Joe Brooks, Illinois College Ralph Floyd, Indiana University
  • Ellis Johnson, Morehead State College
  • Eddie Kimbal, Brigham Young University
  • Robert Kolf, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Ralph "Mac" McKenzie, Eureka College Eugene Oberst, John Carroll University
  • Clifford Olson, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Jack Rowen, Northeast Louisiana University Dolf Stanley, Beloit College
  • Billy Tidwell, Sam Houston State University Dixie White, Northeast Louisiana University
  • Col. Walter Williams, Western Carolina University

    Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise and reserve a moment of silence for these members who have passed since last year's Convention.


    Ladies and gentlemen, when this session is over, would you please support our exhibitors by leaving through the hall. Please support our exhibitors since they are very important to our organization. Now, to give the Nominating Report is our Past President and the Director of Athletics at the U.S. Naval Academy, Jack Lengyel.


    Our 1991 Nominating Committee Report is as follows: For the Officers:
  • President - Bill Byme, University of Oregon
  • 1st Vice President - Jim Jones, Ohio State University
  • 2nd Vice President - John Swofford, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
  • 3rd Vice President - Cedric Dempsey, University of Arizona

    For the Executive Committee:
  • University Division, District 2 - Fred Gruninger, Rutgers University
  • University Division, District 7 - Oval Jaynes, Colorado State University
  • University Division, District 8 - Jim Livengood, Washington State University College Division, District 2 - Mike Jacobs, Shepherd College
  • College Division, District 7 - Bob Oliver, University of Northern Colorado Junior/Community Colleges, Districts 5/6 - Lea Plarski, St. Louis CC - Florissant Valley At-Large Representative, District 2 - Kathy McNally, LaSalle University
  • At-Large Representative, District 7 - Kathy Noble, University of Montana At-Large Representative, District 8 - Cheryl Levick, Stanford University
  • At-Large Representative, Unrestricted - Tim Gleason, Ohio Athletic Conference At-Large Representative, Unrestricted - Harold Haak, Fresno State University

    That, Mr. President, is our Nominating Committee Report. Thank you.