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24th NACDA Convention
June 4-7, 1989
Anaheim, California

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address
  • Gary Cunningham, Frank Wells

    Awards Luncheons

    NACDA Salute To Collegiate Olympians Luncheon
  • Jay Randolph, Jackie Joyner-Kersee

    James J. Corbett Award Luncheon
  • Gary Cunningham, Jack Powers, Carl Maddox, Bill Flynn, Scotty Whitelaw, Sam Jankovich, Pete Rozelle

    General Sessions

    NCAA Governance and Restructuring
  • Judy Sweet, Ted Tow, Jerry Hughes, Tom Hansen, Roy Kramer

    Olympic Sports and Colleges: A Better Marriage
  • Pat Meiser-McKnett, Harvey Schiller, Ollan Cassell, Ray Essick, George Killian

    Challenge of the '90s - Cost Containment and Financing of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Sam Jankovich, Diane Wendt, Cedric Dempsey, Ron Stephenson, Lou Marciani, Jane Betts

    Propositions 42 and 48: Pros and Cons
  • Bill Byrne, Stephen Ivens, Joan Cronan, Roy Kramer, George Raveling

    NACDA Business Session and Election of Officers
  • Vin Cullen, Frank Windegger, Carl Miller

    Division III

    Institutional Approach To Division III Concerns
  • Jen Shillingford, Royce Flippin, Judy Sweet, Curtis Tong

    Division III and the NCAA
  • Al Van Wie, Nancy Mitchell


    NAIA-ADA Annual Business Meeting
  • Sylvia Nadler

    Junior/Community Colleges

    Hiring and Firing of Coaching Personnel
  • Bob Bottger, Russ Dippold

    Image Enhancement
  • Bob Bottger, Jack Martin, Nancy Lazenby, Gerry Reis