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(Monday, June 5- 2:30- 4:30 p.m.)


Will the NAIA-ADA meeting please come to order. The first order of business on the agenda will be approval of the minutes which will be handled by our secretary, Larry Hamilton. The treasurer's report was also given by Larry Hamilton and was approved. The Nominating Committee report will be given by Alan White our first vice-president.


This is normally the responsibility of the second vice-president. He left his institutional position back in mid-spring and we have, on several occasions, both through our president, through myself and thro~ the national office, attempted to get in touch with him and have been unsuccessful in those attempts. The procedure we will followon this is to try to send a registered letter to him to determine his status. If is no longer associated with an NAIA institution, then our president will appoint an interim person to that position. However, if he is still affiliated with an NAIA institution, his position will stay in tact untj the change over is made in October.

We would like to receive from you all nominees for the position of secretary-treasurer. We will rec nominations from the floor here and will receive nominations from the Executive Committee itself. We wil for information and profiles on these individuals along with resumes of these individuals. You will then asked to cast your vote.

In the event that Jerry Conboy's position is an interim position, we will take the top two persons whc are voted upon in our October meeting and put them in place in order to keep our full slate of officers in tact.


The report from our Finance Committee is on the second page which you have. There was a motion to the report.

The floor is open for nominations.


Based on the situation we found ourselves in concerning our second vice-president, we noted in our Constitution and Bylaws that we didn't have a mechanism if an officer resigned or died. Hopefully, that wi not be the case here, but, we thought we should get something to take care of these situations. Amend Byla Article II by adding, "if an officer is unable to complete his or her term, a replacement shall be appointe by the Executive Committee. The replacement will assume the office of secretary-treasurer and all other officers will move up in succession. A vacancy in the office of past president will remain unfilled until is filled by succession." This report will be sent to you in the mail for your vote. We will not vote on this today.


I don't see any place where we provide for female representation in the progress through the organization. I don't know that it needs to be written in, but there should be some understanding either c percentage basis, or something else that will help us to elect women to the Executive Committee. We do USE our membership all athletic administrators of member institutions, so that person does not have to be the athletic director, but could also be the women's athletic administrator or women's athletic director. I BE that as a concern. Sylvia is there because she was appointed. It's something we need to be aware of and address.


Alan White will now give a report from the Special Projects Committee.


There were basically two things that we were trying to do in terms of special projects. One had to with an official logo for our organization. We had worked on that for over a year. All of you have rec information from Bonnie in a memo. Bonnie advised me that no one acted either positively nor negatively was presented. It is now in the hands of the printer and should be in effect by this fall.

The second item we were dealing with had to do with requests we had made asking the association to provide an intern to help Sylvia Nadler research the history of this organization and go back and track the minutes, the Constitution and Bylaws to make sure that everything was in order; also, to make sure there were no editorials made without proper procedures. We found we were denied a person to help, therefore, that project was not dealt with. If anyone is interested in assuming a project such as this, please let one of us knowand we will provide you with persons to help you. It is something that needs to be done and if we could get somebody to pursue this, we would appreciate it.


The workshops this fall have not been ironed out exactly, but we would appreciate any ideas that you might have that we could put together for the workshops we have at the fall meeting. We've discussed the fact that there was a great deal of value to the roundtable discussions that we've had and will have coming up with NACDA. That is something we should try to do in Memphis. We want to be able to set up some sessions that will be beneficial to you.

We are looking for topics for these roundtables. If you could give us some suggestions right now, we'll appreciate it. We can get more done during the summer months to prepare for this and do a better job.

The floor is open for old business. Last summer, there was a motion made by Mike Jacobs to have Article III further amended to state, "all commissioners of NAIA affiliated conferences are eligible to become associate members, paying dues to the national office." The intent behind that was that it was intended to be a non-voting membership. We will have to send this out to the membership for their perusal three weeks prior to our meeting. I will assume, if there are no objections, that we will include the non-voting element to that.

There was some thought of not only making this available to commissioners of leagues, but to retired or semi-retired ADs who might wish to continue to belong to the association. If we can incorporate all of this into one element, that is what we would like to do. The idea is to allow these commissioners to come into our meetings for information, and for us to ask them for information regarding particular elements we might be dealing with in their geographic areas.


I'm Dave Olson from Pacific Lutheran. I'm reporting on behalf of a committee that was assigned to consider the limitation proposals. We had representation from Texas, California, Florida and Washington. We looked at all of the limitation proposals that were being made and we have a series of resolutions that we would like to make to you to consider adopting.

Our committee proposes that we read the resolution to you and vote on Resolutions I thru IV collectively, and then vote on Resolution Vand Resolution VI.

"Whereas the concept of limitations may assist in the classic containment of athletic programs and, whereas, limitations are desirable in promoting academic achievement among athletes and, whereas, limitations in certain aspects of athletic programming may contribute to competitive equity among member schools and, whereas, certain aspects of the proposed limitations legislation need further study and definition. Therefore, be it resolved that the ADA recommended to the national Executive Committee passage in implementation of legislation regulating the maximum number of contests allowable in each sport."

A second area is the further study in interpretation of the remaining portions of the proposed limitation legislation; three, the formation of a task force to promote further study of the limitation issues and four; a vote of the membership on all remaining portions of the proposed legislation at the 1990 National Convention of the NAIA. "Be it further resolved, that the following contest limits be placed on member schools beginning with the 1990/91 school year, excluding NAIA postseason competition."

The remaining portion of the fifth Resolution lists the specific numbers of games or contest dates that we recommend: swimming and diving, 20 contests; wrestling, 30 dates of competition; golf, 20 contest dates; tennis, 35 contests dates; baseball, 55 games in spring and 12 games in the fall; softball, 45 playing dates and 60 total games; men's basketball, 30 games; women's basketball, 30 games; football, 10 games; women's soccer, 22 contests; men's soccer, 22 contests; cross country, 10 contests; volleyball, 28 dates of competition; track and field, 12 indoor and 12 outdoor meets, but 20 total meets if both indoor and outdoor competitions is sponsored. "Be it further resolved in number six, that scrimmages in international competition be excluded from the proposed limitation."

I move the resolution of these issues.


A motion was made to act on this presentation. I'm going to be asking for a second. If there's not a second, the motion will die.


My name is Dick Keyser, and I represent the group that was to deal with divisions of competition. OUr group was made up of myself, from Western Oregon State, Carla Lowry from Southwestern in Texas and Frank Diskin from Rockhurst College in Missouri. After the conversations and discussions through the two-day period, we came to the conclusion that divisions of competition not be implemented prior to the 1991/92 academic year so that all information concerning financing, scheduling, regional maps and impact on district competition can further be assimilated by the membership of the organization.


The ADA executive committee, while not trying to be in conflict with what the two groups were trying to do, felt that we also needed to come up with a position statement and proposal. Regarding the one that Dick just proposed, we are both coming from the same platform. The difference is that we are asking for approval by the membership before we actually put them into place. Other than that, we are both trying to say the sal thing. The final element was a distinction between playing dates and contests which Dave addressed in his recommendation.


Our committee was charged with coming up with a resolution on the task force. The statement reads as follows: Let this stand as a resolution from the NAIA-ADA to the NEC. Number one, that a delay be supported concerning limitations until a more complete information can be provided to this body concerning tl following; a, intent of limitation; b, effects on the divisions; c, new governance structure; d, enforcement policyand e, measurably sound data from the membership institutions. The athletic directors feel that by delaying the implications of the limitations a task force can be formed to conduct a self-study on these limitations. Timely discussions will take place at the NAIA national convention being held in Memphis.

There will be several roundtable discussions concerning the five areas of limitations with each monitored by a appointment from the NAIA-ADA executive committee. This information collected will th4 collected and turned over to the task force who will conduct the study and submit recommendations to 1 executive committees.

It is felt that the ADAs take great pride in the heritage of the NAIA and the philosophy which has hopefully, will continue to stand us apart from the NCAA. We believe that the NAIA is a healthy organi~ but the status could change if a large amount of transition takes place in a short period of time. Curl with the recent change in leadership and the new academic policies in place, too much change could be detrimental to the growth of our national organization. Number two, let it also be stated that it is Ot belief that no change should be made until the governance structure is completely in order.

[Discussions on various proposals took place, and voting on these proposals was monitored by chair Sylvia Nadler. Please contact Steve Veal in the NAIA office for an official listing of proposals and votes.]


I would like to thank you for your presence and your patience at this meeting. I would like to give special thanks to the members of the NEC who joined us for the conference and for the information you pro' for us. Thank you for seeking our input. I would also like thank the banquet and workshop committees am Bonnie for all of her work.


I won't officially take office until August I, so, if the minutes come out prior to that, it's your responsibility. I certainly appreciate the involvement at this time. We got a great deal accomplished w lot of input that is valuable. This is the way we'll get things done. Now, we have to encourage others I the same and attend as many of these meetings as we possibly can. There are a lot of things to be done w solicit your help.