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22nd NACDA Convention
June 7-10, 1987
San Diego, California

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address
  • Peter Ueberroth

    Awards Luncheons

    Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon
  • Homer Rice, Greg Gumbel, Mike Lude, Bob Karnes

    James J. Corbett Award Luncheon
  • Homer Rice, Jack Gimmler, Ken Norton, Andy Mooradian, John Toner

    General Sessions

    Legislative Reports

    College Athletics: What Lies In The Future?
  • Thomas Day, Philip Austin, Harold Haak

    Setroid Usage: The Real Facts
  • John Toner, Mike Clark, Don Catlin

    The New Tax Plan's Effect On College Athletics
  • Phil Hochberg

    NACDA Business Session And Election Of Officers
  • Homer Ricer, Gary Cunningham, Vin Cullen, Andy Mooradian

    Division I

    Legislative Breakout: Division I-A
  • Gene Corrigan, Vern Smith, Homer Rice, Ken Karr, Charles Theokas, Ed Carroll, Jim Copeland, Donnie Duncan, T. Jones, Charlie Carr, Doug Single, Tom Butters, Bill Byrne

    Legislative Breakout: Division I-AA
  • Charlotte West

    Legislative Breakout: Division I-AAA
  • Denis Lambert

    Division II

    Legislative Breakout: Division II
  • Miles Tommeraasen, Charles Lyons

    Division III

    Legislative Breakout: Division III
  • Al Van Wie, Judy Sweet

    Where Do We Go From Here In Division III?
  • Bill McHenry, Paul Bogan, Jen Shillingford, Mary Jean Mulvaney


    NAIA-ADA Summer Business Meeting
  • Barry Blizzard, Bonnie Morrow

    Junior/Community Colleges

    Legislative Breakout: Junior/Community Colleges
  • Pete Lango, Ron Heitzinger

    Junior/Community Colleges: Presidents Blue Ribbon Committee
  • Bob Bottger, Hank Witt, Walter Rilliet