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(Wednesday. June 10. 10:30- 11:00 a.m.)


The Marriott Concessions Division of the Marriott Corporation announces that Sue Moore of the University of South Carolina has won a popcorn machine. If Sue is here, she should stop at the Marriott booth for more details right after our meeting; they'll be there to explain. I don't know how large it is and how you'll get it home, but see them in booth number seven.

Belco Laundry Equipment announces that Al Lyster has won a prize, too, so Al should go to the Belco booth, number 91, for details. They'll explain your gift there. Also, American Sign and Indicator announces that Curt Blake has won a set of Ping golf clubs. Go to booth number 67 for more details. Sheraton Hotels would like to announce the winner of their NBA Nerf Shoot to Win Competition. The following individuals have scored three out of three shots and have won a free weekend at a Sheraton Hotel of their choice: Bill Helman, athletic director at Metropolitan State College and Robert Walsack, director of athletics at Brookdale Community College. Please see Nancy Boynton at the Sheraton booth, number 74. The runners-up will receive NBA mini-shooters. The Dache Company Sportswear will send a men's sweater to Charlie Winters of West Point, a ladies' blouse to Barbara Hollmann of the University of Montana, and a ladies' sweater to Judith Brame at California State University at Northridge. Also, Rick Farnham of the University of Vermont has won a book entitled "Organizational Management: Administration for Athletic Programs." Rick can pick up his book at booth number 40. Is that all the presents? All right, at this time I would like to call on Gary Cunningham for our necrology report. Gary.


Thank you, Homer. During the past year, 12 of our fellow members have passed away, and I'd like to read those names.

Harry Carlson, University of Colorado; T. Edward Davis, Salem College; Bill Dioguardi, Monclaire State College; C. Max Barrington, George Washington University; Harry Fritz, Western Illinois University and NAIA Executive Director; Ira R. Herr, Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania; Charles "Chick" Milam, University of Cincinnati; Lloyd W. Peterson, University of Minnesota, Duluth; Bill Rohr, Ohio University; Wallace Wade, Duke University; D.M. "Doc" Wadley, Northeastern State University and Phil Woolpert, University of San Diego and University of San Francisco. If we could, at this time, have just a moment of silence for our past colleagues. Thank you.


Thank you, Gary. I'd like to call on Vin Cullen now, our secretary, to give our secretary's report of the year. Vin?


Thank you, Homer. This was an outstanding year. We've had a great number of activities. Briefly, in review, the 1986 Convention got off to an inspirational start when Sergeant Shriver delivered his keynote address on the story of the Special Olympics. Then the membership was treated to sessions on Pell grants, internal revenue service update, legislative compliance, eligibility and transfers and drug education, among others. Bill Curry, then head football coach at Georgia Tech and Bob Costas, NBC sportscaster, served as luncheon speakers when NACDA bestowed its most coveted awards. The prestigious James J. Corbett Award went to Carl Maddox long-time athletic director at Louisiana State and Mississippi State University. The NIT-NACDA Athletic Director's Award was presented to Bill Orwig former AD at the University of Indiana. Ten members were welcomed to the NACDA Hall of Fame. Before the Convention adjourned, athletic directors Gary Cunningham and Gene Corrigan were elected as Association Officers. Twelve new administrators joined the Executive Committee. Following the Convention, the Management Institute, one of NACDA's premier services, was held at Marco Island's Marriott Resort. One hundred and thirty-three administrators took part. This was spearheaded by the capable Rex Brumley of Broward Community College.

Following the Convention and Management Institute,NACDA broke new ground when the Association was selected to provide official administrators for the 1986 Goodwill Games. The international conclave was held in Moscow from July 5 to July 20. More than 3,500 athletes representing 50 countries attended.

The games were a brainchild of Ted Turner, and featured sports for men and women at 13 venue sites. NACDA then produced a special 30-second public service announcement that promoted both NACDA and the Goodwill Games, and received air time worth approximately $240,000.

The internship program continued. as six new interns came aboard during the 1986-87 academic year. Continuing a rather historic year for NACDA. the Association became administratively involved with the autonomous group of Division I-A directors of athletics. The group. headed by NACDA president. Homer Rice from Georgia Tech. was formed to generate a greater voice with respect to changing legislation. NACDA was called upon by the organization to provide help in setting up meetings. distributing information. releases and so on.

Kickoff Classic IV was next in line, with national powers Alabama and Ohio State squaring off at the Meadowlands on August 27. There was a crowd of 68,296 on hand as the Crimson Tide held off Ohio State for a 16-10 win. In Kickoff Classic V, this coming August the University of Iowa will face the University of Tennessee. While in New Jersey for Kickoff Classic IV, the Finance-Management Committee met and approved two new programs for the Association. The first was a series of four regional drug education and testing workshops, and the second was the affiliation of NACDA with the Volunteers for Youth. The drug workshops were held in Atlanta, Kansas City, Boston and San Jose and attracted 446 administrators, which represents over 20 percent of the membership. The VFY program, previously under the NCAA, was approved to become the NACDA Volunteers for Youth beginning in the January of 1987. Under the guidance of Audrey West, Executive Director, the VFY provides opportunities for collegiate student-athletes to serve as role models and friends to junior high school youths in local communities. Currently, 48 colleges and universities are involved in the program.

NACDA again produced a higher education public service announcement to spread the Association's good word. The 3O-second spot, aired annually during the halftime of the Kickoff Classic, was also played during the Liberty Bowl, the Bluebonnet Bowl and the All-American Bowl. NACDA continued to provide its members with educational opportunities. The annual Facilities and Fund Raising Clinic was coordinated by Don Landry in New Orleans, and the Time Management Clinic was held at the Vista International Hotel in Kansas City in conjunction with the NAIA Convention.

By the year's end, the Association had reached a membership milestone by accumulating 2,327 individual members, and the number of institutional members now stands at 1,285. NACDA has been on a membership drive since January, 1987 and during the past five months has added 46 new members.

This past year, the Executive and Finance Committees met several times. Feel free to contact the NACDA office if you'd like to receive copies of the minutes or the proceedings. Also this year, for the first time NACDA entered into a three-year contract with executive director Michael Cleary. This contract has been signed by both Mr. Cleary and President Homer Rice. Through the efforts of both Mike Cleary and Homer Rice, NACDA has had an extremely productive year in 1986-87. Thank you.


Thank you vin, for that very excellent report, and I commend this organization for its progress during this year. I particularly thank the members of the Executive Committee for their contributions, and those of our officers, to this organization.

I'd like to make one announcement before I call on Andy for the Nominating Committee's report, which will wrap up our meeting. That is, when you leave, please leave by this area back here where the exhibitors are and drop off your evaluation in the box located in that corner.

Now. Andy Mooradian our Past President. will present the Nominating Committee Report. ANDY MOORADIAN: On behalf of the Nominating Committee. I would like to nominate the following people for the Executive Committee and offices for NACDA.

Representing District 2 College Division, Bud Elwell, Gannon University. District 4 University Division, Doug Weaver, Michigan State University. District 5 University Division, Larry Travis, Kansas State University. At-Large, Eve Atkinson, Temple University. At-Large, Ken Free, Mideastern Athletic Conference. At-Large, J. Elaine Hiebert, Iowa State University. At-Large, Judy Sweet, the University of Sunshine at San Diego. At-Large, Diane Wendt, University of Denver. Third Vice President, Jack Lengyel, University of Missouri. Second Vice President, Gene Corrigan, University of Notre Dame. First Vice President, Gary Cunningham, Fresno State University. President, Carl Miller, the University of the Pacific. That is the report of the Nominating Committee. I would like to have somebody move that. I will move that. Is there a second?


I second.


There has been a second. Any further nominations? Seeing none, all those in favor, sayaye. (Whereupon the motion was passed unanimously.)

Thank you very much.


A very democratic organization. The moment comes now to pass on the gavel. Carl Miller is our new president. Again, I want to thank each of you for your support during the year. We had the largest Convention registration ever. we signed 54 new schools to our organization. As you noticed from Vinnie's report, it was quite an accomplishment this year, and I know that NACDA will go on through the years under the leadership of our people who support it. So, Carl, if you'll come forward, I'll turn the gavel over to you. I know you'll do a great job for the organization. Congratulations.


Thank you very much. First of all, I think we want to congratulate Homer Rice on a very excellent year. The one key issue that he got done was putting the Division I-A directors together to move legislation that is important for this entire organization and athletics across the country. So right now, let's give Homer a big hand. I, too, want to thank all of our people that participated in this Convention and the program, because all the things that everybody did to make it successful really helped. I think you personally, and I know the organization is better for everything that you've done.

As has been mentioned consistently over the past year, this is our professional organization -- NJCAA, the NAIA and the NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III. Our professional organization. I think we continue to grow professionally. The integrity of athletics consistently is moving forward, and we hope that our organization will do everything possible this next year with drug education. John Toner is being named the Chairman of our Drug Education Committee, and we will formulate that committee in August with John. It will cooperatively work with what's being done by the NCAA with John's leadership in that committee.

I have one other announcement to make. The Executive Committee is going to meet at 11:00 in the Sunset Room. With that, I think we stand adjourned. All of you, when you leave, please go by and see all of our exhibitors and thank them for their participation.

Thank you very much. We stand adjourned.