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(Wednesday, June 11, 10:00- 10:30 a.m.)


Before we begin, I would like to make a few remarks and thank people who have helped me tremendously in this past year. First of all, our executive director, Mike Cleary; his assistant, Tim Gleason, and especially the 8xecutive Committee for all the work they have done under the leadership of Homer Rice in putting on such an outstanding Convention. Another person who has helped me tremendously is John Clune, our Past President. Without those people, I can assure you that things could not have gone as smoothly this past year as they have. Just a brief statement on how I feel; I do want to tell you what NACDA means to me. It's been really an experience over the past 20 years to be connected with the Association. I think that becoming president of it was really one of my highlights in my career. Even though I will be a Past President in a few moments, hopefully, I will be able to remain active and still enjoy the fellowship of all the members, and also get in a little more golf starting next year. At this time I would like to call on Vin Cullen, our Secretary, to give the Secretary's Report.


Thank you, Andy. During this past year, your Executive Committee and Finance and Management Committee met several times. Please contact the national office if you would like to receive copies of any of these Minutes. Last August, NACDA sponsored the third annual Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands. Brigham Young University defeated the Boston College Eagles in the first game of the 1985 season. The Fourth Kickoff Classic will be held this coming August, and will match the University of Alabama and Ohio State University. The revenues generated by the Kickoff Classic continue to enable NACDA to provide more comprehensive services for its members. A copy of any of these financial statements may be found at the back of the proceedings of the 1985 Convention. The annual Facilities and Fund Raising Clinic was coordinated by Barbara Camp in Dallas, in conjunction with the NCAA Final Four, and a Computer Clinic was held at the Vista International Hotel in Kansas City, in conjunction with the NAIA national convention. The student internship program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable and practical experience in athletic administration.

The 20th annual Convention was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following the Convention, Rex Brumley conducted the Management Institute at the same location. The 1987 Convention and Management Institute will be held in San Diego, California. The Convention dates, you may want to mark these down, will be June 7-10, 1987. The Executive Committee has voted to return to Marco Island for the 1988 Convention. The NACDA membership has continued to grow. Individual memberships now number 2,259. Institutional memberships are at 1,123. Cecil Coleman, chair of the Sustaining Membership Progra~ reports that this program now has 239 members and has contributed approximately $77,000 of income. A grand opening was held at the new NACDA office building in August, 1985, and many of you had the opportunity to attend that event. NACDA, this year, became involved with the prestigious Broderick Award. This is an effort to continue in the promotion of women's athletics in the collegiate ranks. NACDA was a co-sponsor of this award. The Executive Committee this year approved three notable ventures. First, it hired Collins Communication to handle the public relations duties and to promote the NACDA image. It has done so in an admirable fashion. Secondly, NACDA has led the fight against tax changes that would be detrimental to college athletics. And while a final tax bill has yet to be passed, several significant positive changes have already taken place. Thirdly, an International Relations Committee has been formed and NACDA is now greatly involved in the Goodwill Games and the World University Games. This is the end of the Secretary's Report.


At this time I would like to call on Carl Miller to read the names of members who have passed away in the past year. Carl.


Could we all please stand. I will give the 1986 Necrology Report. Since our last Convention. II of our colleagues have passed away. and they are: Edmond L. Coombs. Bowdoin College; Herbert Eisle. John Carroll University; Richard P. Gibney. Lehigh University; William Morley Jennings. Texas Tech University; Frank Bruiser Kinard. University of Mississippi; Paul Maske. Cornell (Iowa) University; George Pat Malley. University of Santa Clara; Americo "Mertz" Mortorelli. University of Wisconsin-Superior; Malcolm Pitt, University of Richmond; James H. Stewart. Southern Methodist University; Waldo W. Rusty Yarnell, Lowell Tech Institute. A moment of silence please. Thank you.