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JUNE 11-13, 1984



Welcome to the 19th Annual NACDA Convention. I am Bob Karnes, athletic director from Drake University.

It is my pleasure to welcome you. How about these accommodations and the setting for this Convention? Isn't this great? Sam Huff's party last night was really a good one.

We think our Convention is an outstanding series of topics and sessions for your interest. We should have a great time in the next few days. I would be remiss if I didn't thank our first vice president, John Clune and the Executive Committee who have put together this program. Traditionally, the first vice president of NACDA is the one who is responsible for the Convention program. They spent a great deal of time and a great many hours and we think it is going to be very interesting to all of you. I want to thank the many participants that are going to appear at these various sessions. They are giving us their time and their expertise, and we appreciate these things. Incidentally, let me stop here and say that a camera was left on the beach last night and it has been turned in at the NACDA registration desk. I don't know if that was before or after the Sam Huff party. So now, without any fanfare or further ado, I want to introduce the first vice president of NACDA who will explain the program format; Colonel John Clune, athletic director of the Air Force Academy.


Thanks Bob. Again. I would like to add my welcome to that of Bob's to the 19th Annual NACDA Convention. I think NACDA is on the move. This is the fifth year in a row that we have had over a thousand people attend a NACDA Convention. and I was told by Mike Cleary that this is the second or third largest registration that we have had and it is the largest registration we have ever had outside of Las Vegas. I don't know what that tells us about the membership. but NACDA is growing and I think during the business session which is going to be held tomorrow before the luncheon. you will see some of the things that we are doing.

Last August we had our first Kickoff Classic. the Meadowlands football game for the National Football Hall of Fame Foundation. We also gave some of the revenues to the Football Coaches Association. as well as NACDA and we realized over $300.000 from that particular event. so that has allowed us to do some things. We are in the process now of building a new office building for the NACDA offices in Cleveland. If you are out that way. that should start this summer. That is going to be quite interesting.

This past year we held two seminars. NACDA did. on drug abuse throughout the country --free to member- ship. We held our second legislative session in Seattle during the Final Four. We had a special NAIA seminar this year. I think many things are happening. Also. during the next year. NACDA intends to publish a manual for use on dealing with agents for college students. So NACDA is growing and it is moving. We have a very good program I think during the next two days and I would like to thank all of the people of the Executive Committee who have spent a great deal of time and effort on the phone and writing to bring in the panelists and the people to head up these sessions. I think they have put together an outstanding program and theyare to be congratulated. I think you are going to enjoy the program. This is my tenth Convention and I have always learned something from it. I have always taken something back from the Convention. and I'm sure you will also be able to get something out of these various sessions that will help us do our job a little better. The exhibitors are here. I think it is good that you have to pass through the exhibits on your way here. We have close to 100 exhibitors again this year. These are the people that underwrite a lot of these programs.

They are very much involved in our program and I do encourage each and everyone of you. as well as your spouses to attend the exhibits and talk to the people there. Again. I have also found over the years that I have always gotten something from one or two of the exhibitors that I have been able to take back and help my program. So if you do get a chance. stop in and see the exhibitors.

The last thing that I would like to encourage you to do is fill out a questionnaire about this particular session/convention. What you would like or what you would like to recommend for next year? Andy Mooradian from New Hampshire is going to set it up next year. We want very much to give the membership the kind of panels, the kinds of seminars that they want, but you have got to help us on the Executive Committee give you what you would like to have next year and in future years at these Conventions. So please take the time and fill out the questionnaire toward the end of this Convention and submit it to us. I know this year the junior colleges and community colleges are having their own special sessions a couple of times. That came to us through the membership. It was something they wanted to do and we think it is something very rewarding and very productive for them. We would like to know your ideas and we solicit your ideas on how to make this Convention better. We really need your help.

For your information, next year we will be going back to Las Vegas for the Convention. The following year we will be in Southern Florida some place, so if you have any desire, etc., as to where you would like to go in Southern Florida in 1986, let us know. In 1987, I understand we have just finalized San Diego. So the concept is to go east/west every other year. So again, I would like to welcome all of you here. I hope you enjoy this session and we really do solicit your input on how to make this a better Convention and how to get better topics. Again, welcome and without further ado I would like to introduce the people who will run the first session; Dave Hart from the University of Missouri and also Gary Cunningham from the University of Wyoming. Gary.