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(Tuesday. June 12. 10:30- 11:30 a.m.)


I have a couple of announcements to make having to do with people who have won prizes. The winner of the complimentary weekend for two at the Sheraton Grande in downtown Los Angeles is Bob Tipson of Champlain College. Is Bob here? Wait for the next one Mike. The other award winner, with seven nights in the Sheraton Hotel in Hawaii, at the Sheraton Surfrider onWaikiki Beach, and round trip ~ir from Chicago for two, is Will Perry. Congratulations. That sounds like a biggie. I would like for Paul Bogan to read the secretary's report.


This past year your Executive Committee and Finance and Management Committee met at various times. If anyone would like a copy of the minutes and/or the financial statement of NACDA, please contact the NACDA office. NACDA staged the very first Collegiate Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands. Because of the revenues generated from NACDA's sponsorship of the Kickoff Classic, we were able to hold two drug awareness clinics. Since the NACDA Foundation was formed, 372 administrators registered for educational symposiums free of charge. The NACDA Foundation will publish a booklet regarding the student~athletes and agents. The NACDA Foundation has approximately $180,000 which is invested. The Legislative Seminar was held at the Seattle Red Lion Inn with enrollment of 191. The 18th annual Facilities Clinic was held on March 17 in conjunction with the NATA Convention with an enrollment of 116 administrators. Our magazine, "Athletic Administration" was expanded from four to six issues annually. A new office building for NACDA headquarters will be constructed this fall. The Management Institute, directed by the most capable Rex Brumley and assisted by Bill Dioguardi and Vin Cullen was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas following the Convention. Enrol1Inent for the various levels of the Institute were 139 athletic administrators. The institution organizational membership of NACDA at the February Executive Committee meeting was 1,173 and the individual membership is now over 2.200. The sustaining membership program, with Cecil Coleman as chairman, and currently consisting of 236 members, reported that the goal of $70,000 has been exceeded. The 1985 Convention will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, June 9 thru 12. The 1985 Management Institute will be staged at Caesars Palace following the Convention. Since this is my last report I have just two items that I would like to share with you. For those that will be attending the Management Institute following the Convention, I would strongly suggest that if you have the opportunity, plan to attend one of the evening sessions which is being conducted by Nancy Olson and Rex Brumley. They call it a "Dance Retreat", and it will definitely relieve any stress you have because I have attended a couple with them. My other comment is that I would like to take a few minutes to express my appreciation to Mike Cleary, the officers of NACDA, the Executive Committee, past presidents and Marion Bier, for all of their help and assistance. It has been my honor and my privilege to serve the NACDA membership for the past four years in the capacity as secretary. I thank you, the membership, for that honor and privilege. Thank you.


Thank you Paul. ~,e now have some interesting information to present to you in regard to Mike Lude's committee's report on the real estate ventures. Mike.


I wanted to share with you today something that we are going to bring before the Executive Committee meeting this evening. We are presenting to the Executive Committee an exciting new concept, an opportunity to purchase two parcels of property in Cleveland, Ohio. One of them has an existing home on it that we could use for people that we get from the athletic administration schools, interns, to have them live there, and work at the headquarters. We have an opportunity to build a new building, and one of the exciting things that I think you would really want to know, is that the property will not have a loan on it" to1hen we get into the construction phase and the actual building, within three years we can have it paid off, and that is all because of you and what you have been doing and what you have been helping us. I know that you would want to do this and I wanted to bring it to your attention and let you know that we are going to present this tonight to the Executive Committee and hopefully, we will be representing your wishes and your desires. You will have a very effective association. Thank you.


Thank you Mike. Now I would like to call on Dave Hart for the necrology report.


Well as you can imagine, this is not a pleasure and I am saddened to report that since our last Convention, sixteen of our member colleagues have passed away. Their names will be read and entered into the the minutes of this 1984 Convention, so, will you please join me in a moment of silence at the conclusion of the reading of their names. Should I mispronounce any of them, I apologize in advance. Lew Anders, Syr8~11se University; Ike Armstrong, University of Minnesota; Richard 0. Baumbach, Tulane University; Matty Bell, Southern Methodist University; Allen Bovard, Michigan Technological University; James Cason, Philander Smith College; John E. Dalfaut, Hendricks College; Ivan Grove, Hendricks College; Leonard R. Marty, University of-North Dakota; Joe McMillan, Townsend State College; Doug Mills, University of Illinois; FrankJ. Miser, Stevens Institute of Technology; A.B. Morse, Abilene Christian University; John T. O'Leary, Universityof central Florida; DonProtexter ,Morningside College; and Ralph Romano, University of Minnesota-Duluth. A silent Prayer in recognition for these fine people, please. Thank you very much.


I now call on past president George King for the Nominating Committee report. for the representatives for 1984-1985.


Thank you president Karnes. The NACDA Nominating Committee has these recommendations for the Convention. Uenis Lambert, University of Vermont to replace John Simpson in University District I; Fred Schaus, West Virginia University to replace Leo Miles in University nistrict II; Bill Carr, University of Florida, to replace Homer Rice in University District III; Gene Hart, Rockhurst College, to replace Carl Miller in College District V; Bob Hiegert, California State-Northridge, to replace Rudy Carvajal in College District VIII. Max VanLaningham, Dodge City Community College to replace Orville Gregory in Junior Community College District V and VI; Bob Moorman, Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association to replace Karol Kahrs as an at-large representative; Christine Hoyles, Western Michigan University, to be added as an additional female representative; Vin Cullen, Community College of Rhode Island to replace Paul Bogan as secretary; Dave Hart, University of Missouri to replace Hugh Hindman as Third Vice President; Homer Rice, Georgia Tech to replace Andy Mooradian as Second Vice President; Andy Mooradian, University of New Hampshire, to replace John Clune as First Vice President; Col. John Clune, U.S. Air Force Academy, to replace Bob Karnes as President. With this slate, I would recommend and move their approval. Thank you.


Thank you George. Is there a second to George's motion? We have a second. All in favor. please say I. Thank you. Just a couple of announcements. I would like to remind all of the new members who were just elected on that total slate of officers of the meeting tonight at 7:30 in the Ward Room. I would like to take one minute and say thanks tQ the membership. thanks to the executive officers. the Executive Committee. and all of the past presidents. especially thanks to Mike Lude and George King. who have given me a great deal of guidance and advice during this past year. It has been a pleasure for me to serve as your president and now I want to present to you the 20th president of this organization. Colonel John Clune of the United States Air Force Academy. John.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob on behalf of all of us for all that he has done for us this past year. It's really been a privilege to be around him and they say it is hard to be number two, but believe me with Bob Karnes as a president, it was very easy. He is a true professional. He is dedicated He is capable and he has done a great job for NACDA. It has been a significant year for NACDA, with the Kickoff Classic, with the second Legislative Seminar, with the new facilities that we are coming into. and with the changes and scope of the Executive Committee. He has handled it all in a marvelous manner and he has been a true leader. We really have been fortunate to have had Bob this past year as our President. so I would like you all to rise and give Bob a hand because he has done a great job. The other thing that I would like to say is that I feel it is going to be a very exciting and challenging year for NACDA. I really look forward to it. I would like to again emphasize that this is your organization. I think it is a growing organization. I think, as Bob has said. that George and Mike Lude have established a direction that we would like to continue and I will try very hard to continue. We need your input and we need your help. The members of the Executive Committee represent all levels and all regions of the country. So if you have some thoughts about what your athletic directors association should be doing. what it should be doing to become a more viable organization and to serve you the membership better, please let me know. Please try to fill out your evaluation sheets. either negatively or positively. We will do anything that we can to make the organization better. It is indeed a privilege and a distinct honor for me to be your president this coming year. and I pledge I will do everything I can to make NACDA the organization it has been in the past. Thank you. I guess the meeting is adjourned.