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2017-18 Publicity Committee

Committee Chair

Sharon Brummell
Senior Associate Athletic Director - Business & Finance/SWA

Georgetown University
Alma Mater: Salisbury State University
Fun Fact: I coached women’s collegiate bowling for 14 years and won 3 National Championship with Martha Perez-Schmitz on those teams

Committee Members

Kevin Campbell
Director of Business Operations
Georgetown University
Alma Mater: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Fun Fact: I enjoy rapping and signing as a hobby

Jessica Cherry
Associate Director of Athletics/SWA
Colby College
Alma mater: Skidmore College (BS), Tennessee Technological University (MA)
Fun fact: My last name is Cherry and I am allergic to cherries

Carl Heck
Associate Athletic Director – Internal Operations
Butler University
Alma mater: Butler University, The University of Dallas
Fun Fact: I had a role in a Visa Super Bowl Commercial

Tim McCleary
Assistant Athletics Director – Budget & Finance
University of Minnesota
Alma Mater: University of Colorado at Boulder
Fun Fact: My wife and I have 3 kids under 3, so that takes the vast majority of our fun!

Patricia Moran
Assistant Athletic Director – Business & Finance
Boise State University
Alma Mater: Ave Maria University, Georgetown University, Cornell University, William and Mary (doctoral candidate)
Fun Fact: I am a former Irish step-dancer of 15 years (and sometimes on St. Patrick’s Day)

Rob Novak
Financial Officer
University of Texas
Alma Mater: Canisius College
Fun Fact: Completing 48.6 miles of races in January 2018 (5k, 10k, ½ marathon, and a marathon) in 4 days

Martha Perez-Schmitz
Business Manager
Georgetown University
Alma mater: University of Maryland Eastern Shore (BS, MS), Georgetown University (masters’ candidate)
Fun fact: I am a 2-time All American and won 3 National Championships in bowling – but haven’t bowled a tournament in about 5 years

Mark Wagner
Associate Athletic Director/CFO
Louisiana Tech University
Alma Mater: The University of Florida and The Ohio University
Fun Fact: I showed my sons the greatness of Lego Star Wars toys so I could have more of them