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CABMA'S Manager of the Year

CABMA's Manager of the Year is chosen annually by the membership from nominations of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession of athletics business management and who are full CABMA members. The current CABMA president is not eligible for nomination. The ballot forwarded to the members contains the names of the individuals receiving the most nominations and includes a short biographical outline for each candidate. The member receiving the most votes is named CABMA's Manager of the Year.

CABMA's Manager of the Year Award

2016-17 Chris Iacoi UCLA
2015-16 Eric Roedl Oregon
Brad Stricklin UCF
2014-15 Omar Banks Cincinnati
2013-14 Chauncey Winbush Navy
2012-13 Stacy Martin Memphis
2011-12 Ross Cobb  Texas San Antonio
2010-11 Frank Hardymon Georgia Tech
2009-10 David Steele Marshall
2008-09 Darin Spease UNC Charlotte
2007-08 Clayton Hamilton Colorado
  Russ Sharp West Virginia
2006-07 Doug Beard Wisconsin
2005-06 Glenn Thompkins Purdue
2004-05 Dave Marmion Wake Forest
2003-04 Peter Fields Montana State
2002-03 Dawn Reynolds Miami (FL)
2001-02 Jamie Pollard Wisconsin
2000-01 Julie Bright Northern Iowa
1999 Greg Phillips Florida State
1998 Dennis Helsel Akron
1997 Penny King Texas A&M
1996 Carol A. Bush Army
1995 John D. Twining West Virginia
1994 Larry W. Ivy Kentucky
1993 Albert G. Carlson Columbia
1992 Susan B. Wachter Kansas
1991 Kenneth H. Buell Minnesota
1990 Edward B. Carroll Boston College
1989 Jon Burianek Colorado
1988 Gus Manning Tennessee
1987 William J. King Indiana
1986 Robert E. Smith Oklahoma
1985 John H. O'Neill, Jr. Georgia Tech
1984 Steven A. Green Boston University
1983 Joseph F. O'Brien Notre Dame
1982 William A. Crim Army
1981 Marie D. Abel Baylor
1980 William E. Gantt Navy
1979 William W. Beardsley Michigan State
1978 John T. Moore South Carolina
1978 Joseph W. McDonough Holy Cross
1977 Francis J. Toland Harvard
1976 David A. Winter Syracuse
1975 Philip P. Barry Connecticut
1974 Albert H. Lundstedt Texas
1973 M. Robert Cahill Notre Dame
1972 Jack Gilmore Louisiana State
1971 John Laetz Michigan State
1971 Charles H. "Red" Reid Oklahoma
1970 Frank W. Anderson Indiana
1969 William H. Aspinwall Wisconsin
1968 Edward M. Czekaj Penn State
1967 Herb Jones Notre Dame
1966 Kenneth E. Farris, Sr. Oklahoma