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Associate Member Service Award

Associate Members are individuals who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have a strong interest in the objectives and programs of CABMA, but who do not meet the criteria for Regular Members.

2017 Kevin Barefoot Winthrop Intelligence
2015 Ryan Dohmen Short's Travel Management
David LeCompte Short's Travel Management
2014 Kelly Myers Borden Perlman Insurance Agency
2013 Carol Malouf Summit America Insurance Services
Kathy Polanshek Summit America Insurance Services
2011 Bruce Turner Sodexo Sports & Leisure
2009 Keith Martin NCAA
2008 Kevin Cleary Collegiate Directories, Inc.
2007 John Monaghan Marriott International
2006 Gary Pendleton Consolidated Printing
2000 Lary Carr Delta Air Lines
Jerry Hendricks Weldon, Williams & Lick
Sam Huff  Marriott Hotels
Del Nylec Marriott Hotels
Jane Kleinberger Paciolan
1999 Jerry Hendricks Weldon, Williams & Lick
1998 Steve Kirchner National Motorcoach Network
Jane Kleinberger Paciolan Systems, Inc.
1993 Bernie Haas Steinhauser, Inc.
1990 James A. "Al" Brown Liberty Bowl
1988 Paul Huckfeldt Delta Air Lines
1984 W. James Griffith Brock Hotel Corp.
1983 Arthur Hale Cotton Bowl
1981 Paul Huckfeldt Delta Air Lines
1980 Sam Huff Marriott Hotels
Lee Hutcheson Orange Bowl Committee
1979 John Conway National Ticket Company
Nat Baxter Liberty Bowl Stadium
1977 Jerry Hendricks Weldon, Williams & Lick
1976 David Prober Ansell-Simplex
1975 Dave " Buddy" Wells Memphis Memorial Stadium
1974 James R. Davidson Perey Turnstiles
George Eldridge Weldon, Williams & Lick
Robert Eskew The Arena Group
1972 Max Roos American Ticket Company