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CABMA History
Charter Members (1951)

CABMA Purpose & Overview

What is CABMA?
CABMA, the College Athletic Business Management Association, is an organization devoted to the establishment, maintenance and implementation of the highest standards of integrity and efficiency in the scope, policies and procedures involved in the management and administration of business in the athletics departments and associations of colleges and universities.

Whom Does CABMA Serve?
In addition to serving the colleges and universities of the United States, Canada and Mexico, CABMA makes available associate memberships to companies and organizations in business and industry whose functions and activities are related to intercollegiate athletics. This type of membership not only benefits the associate member but enables the associate member to provide service, consultation and advice to the regular membership.

How Does CABMA Serve?
CABMA serves its membership, both regular and associate, in the following manner:

The organization promotes individual contact and knowledge-sharing between members. Expertise in any area becomes accessible to all.

An annual Convention is held, featuring an outstanding program covering many timely subjects. The convention is currently held in conjunction with the NACDA Convention in June.

Active committees work year-round to improve the organization, encourage membership, plan the annual convention and program, and assist institutions throughout the country in solving problems.

Awards, including the coveted "Manager of the Year", are presented annually to members who have excelled in the execution of their duties and responsibilities in their institutions.

If you are interested in becoming a new member, visit the CABMA Membership site.